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3rd/4th Grade Tackle 2022

(Left to Right)  TOP: Coach Gilbert, Coach Kammerer, Coach Rusk, Coach Ossont, Coach Wittmeier  2ND ROW: Kamden Long, Blaine Johnson, Connor Van Dyke, Drake Poyer, Camden Billerbeck, Donovan Jimenez, Landen Gilbert, Matthew Ossont, Major Fox Buchanan  3RD ROW: David Brown, Thomas Ripton, Levi Pafford, Ben Penix, Branson Hinks, Christian Karume, Matthew Brunmeier, Auggie Cunningham  BOTTOM ROW: Bryson McLaughlin, Berenger Salinas, Titus Bennett, Karter Marion. Anthony Gaytan, Noah Rath, Rowen Rogers, Lincoln Hunt, Peyton Wittmeier

5th/6th Grade Tackle 2022

(Left to Right) TOP ROW: Coach Botsford, Coach Nussrallah, Storm Botsford, Colton Malone, Kyden McCoy, Owen Werts, Joshua Caine, Taylor Hunt, Asher Benson, Landen Bishop, Coach Malone, Coach Tesch  MIDDLE ROW: Josh Tellato, Jameson Brunmeier, Tone Recca, Kaeleb Rynders, Joey Syslo, Goy Kueth, Kyng Triplett, Blaise Miser  BOTTOM ROW: Kyler Murray, Jaime Sharma, Elijah Nussrallah, David Peña, Hayden Zuck, Jordan Tesch, Zalan Bobek

7th/8th Grade Tackle 2022

(Left to Right) TOP ROW: Coach Santiago, Coach Berley, Kye Cannon, Dylan Flowers , Bo Berley, Micah Santiago, Kellan Puls, Jackson Moore, Parker Huseth, Coach Wardell, Coach Cannon  MIDDLE ROW: Coach Herschlag, Graydon Dahlke, Elijah Brigham, Canyon Beran, Preston Huseth, Athen Salcedo, Josiah Wardlow, Demarkus Robinson  BOTTOM ROW: Logan Johnson, Hudson Ross, Cruz Gamon, Ashton Larson, Brody Herschlag, Coltin Johnson, Braden Ostlund


- 46 years of success 7X National Youth Football Champions - Football is what we do

- Monarch offers Tackle & Cheer in the Summer, and Fall Months

- NON Parent Director with 30+ years experience running Youth Organizations and Coaching/Directing Youth, High School, & College Programs. 

- Experienced Head Football Coaches 

-All coaches undergo thorough Background Checks 

-Volunteer Assistant coaches that are certified & trained to safely work with young players 

- Our Focus is on the Instruction of Football Position Skills and readying our players to achieve their future football goals

- Competing against Local, Regional, & National Level programs. 

- The SPIRIT Organization offers year around opportunity to play football through our SPIRIT 7v7 and NFL Flag Programs. 

- Home Field is SPIRIT Field (1107 E 1st St, Papillion)

Questions CONTACT US


Phone: 402-598-9564